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Landscape Artist of the Year competition 2020

I had been called by the production company at the end of June to tell me that I had been selected. I knew I would only have four hours to paint something on the day, so set about training myself on days in July to create something acceptable in my style in four hours, I took some days off work and went off on my bike to paint for four hours in the open, so that on the day I would be used to the heat and sitting and painting for that time. It meant that on the day I was able to focus and not panic. 

Katherine Tyrrell (Making A Mark on Art blog) commented about my painting: “He sets out to capture time WITHIN his landscape paintings - and did a top down view and painted one side of the reservoir for each of the four hours of the time allotted. I thought it was a really interesting approach - and wondered why more artists don't also attempt to capture time explicitly in one way or another… I thought he did brilliantly on the day. He had a plan, he knew how to work within the time period and stayed focused and didn't panic. He wasn't averse to getting out of his pod to find the pictures that he needed to include in his painting. Plus he finished on time and produced a splendid painting.”

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